Thinking about making the plunge?

It was three years ago that I first got interested in cryptocurrency but I was too timid to jump into investing. I was just too timid in investing into anything then. I was reading blogs, talking to people that invested, just getting my feelers out.

a year later

That’s my hardware

It’s been a year, a month, and 6 days since my trimalleolar ankle fracture. For those that are looking into the hell of having to deal with this right now, beware all the horror stories! Beware! Don’t let them scare you. I sure the hell did. I…

It’s been a really long time since we’ve been able to travel… Really long.

The travel agent that gives back.

It didn’t begin with the outbreak of the global pandemic that emerged late 2019 and totally wreaked the the entire year of 2020. Though, we all can relate to that one.

I obsessively planned a road…

We went from killing it on Etsy to Etsy killing us…

A six year ride, it was promising at first glance… Etsy wasn’t even roller coaster for us. It was totally a crash and burn. This is our tale.
Truthfully, I dragged my heals for long time… Thinking, I’d revamp and get our shop rolling again. …

Quit, the easiest way ever!

Photo by Chelsea Brock-Hoberer aka, me… shot on an old iphone,a long time ago

This is a true story. I lived it. I am 8 weeks since my last cigarette.

Like most smokers, I had kind of tried to quit before. But I drink. I drink outside and I smoke when I drink. I do this three nights, (give…

2020 has been an all out shit storm for me.

February 02/22/2020 our shop burned down. Well, it caught fire and burned over 70% of our careers… Dramatic.. Yes, this company has consumed my husband and myself, so the shop is everything to us… The fire ruined quite a bit…

Lydia Baynes

Selfishly intent on living creatively from this exact moment onwards.

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